Chiropractic Care during pregnancy is vital to aid in the normal physiological function of both mom and baby. This is true for pregnancy and for the birth.

Some benefits include:

  1. Reducing nerve interference to the mother’s nervous system. This will allow all of the body functions to coordinate with one another properly.

  2. Helps the pelvic muscles, ligaments, bony structures be balanced for a smoother pregnancy and birth

  3. Reduces torsion in the uterus by removing ligament tension that supports the uterus

  4. Allows for a safer and easier birth for the mother. This can help to reduce the need for interventions like induction, epidurals and C-sections.

  5. Can help detect, prevent, and correct fetal malposition (like a breech or transverse babies)

  6. Reduce pelvic and back pain during the growth and development of baby.

Many women don’t know that there are options to help with issues they may be facing during pregnancy. Chiropractic Care throughout pregnancy can help relieve common concerns like low back pain, but also structurally align the pelvis for both mom and baby to be in the best position for an optimal birth

As a pregnant woman you should get seen as early as possible. You want your nervous system functioning at its best to help baby grow and develop at their optimal potential. It is better to take a proactive approach instead of a reactive one.