Our Team


Dr. Cepeda

Dr. Cepeda Carter went to undergraduate college at Western Michigan University where she played college gymnastics. She started as a walk on her first year and
ended up earning a full ride for her last three. She was able to learn leadership skills, perseverance, the ability overcome obstacles faced being a student and an athlete, and improving her independence to attack anything that comes her way.

Confidence was gained during her time in graduate school as she worked to become a doctor. She also served adults with special needs, which taught her patience and an ability to deal with unique situations and circumstances. She has multiple years of teaching experience which as given her skills in communicating, managing, and interacting with children.  She has exemplary social and communication skills.  She has ample
training and experience in real-time office flow, function, and
patient management.


Dr. Landrus

Dr. Landrus Lewis played 5 years of college football, 1 year of track and 2 years basketball providing him with experience in leading and managing a team and working
with people from all walks of life. He was also the captain of the football team for two years. He has also been the secretary for the SABCA organization (Students of American Black Chiropractic Association) of Palmer for two years. He had to manage the funds and accounts in order for the organization to run events smoothly. Also, he had to manage the budget and save money in all of the organizations investments and
endeavors. He has had high levels of success in each and every endeavor he has participated. This is due to his high level of commitment to success and a work ethic that is unmatched.

Dr. Landrus is 1 of 250 chiropractors in the United States who is Certified Advanced-Proficient in the Torque Release Technique; this will separate him from the competition in Mooresville.  He has ample training and experience in real-time office flow, function, and patient management.